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How to install WordPress via Fantastico

How to install WordPress

Please, follow the step-by-step guide below in order to activate Wordpress on your hosting account:
Step 1: Please, login to your CPanel and locate the Fantastico De Luxe icon:
Wordpress - CPanel - Fantastico
Step 2: Find and click the WordPress link.
Wordpress installation
Step 3: Then choose New Installation:
Wordpress - New Installation
Step 4: Decide upon the location of your blog - if you would like to have it as your site front page, leave the directory box blank, otherwise fill in the appropriate folder name. Next, fill in the administrator details and the e-mail account configuration then click the Install WordPress button.
Wordpress installation folder
Step 5: A new confirmation page will be loaded for the installation. Click the Finish Installation button if no errors are reported.
Wordpress - Finish Installation
If else you will have to go back and rectify the specified issues.
Step 6: After completing the installation the final screen will load, providing you with the installation details. You will be able to e-mail the details to a specified address also in order to keep them for future reference.
Wordpress - installation successful
Well done! You have successfully installed the Wordpress application!

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