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How to link articles to the Joomla Menu

Linking Articles to the Menu

In order to make your pages accessible for your visitors, you should link them in the site menu. To do this, follow the steps below.
Step 1.  From the admin panel, go to Menus -> Main Menu*.

Step 2. Delete all default links. For this purpose check the first radio button to select all links and click on Trash. (There will be a warning "You cannot trash the default menu item" which can be safely disregarded)

Step 3. Let's add links to your articles and the "Contact us" page. For this purpose click on [New] from the top-left menu and select the item type. In our case it will be Internal link - Article - Article Layout:

Step 4. Fill in the information about the links. Let's call the link "About us". Then from the left Parameters - Basic click on [Select]:

Step 5. A box with all your pages will appear and you should click on "About us":

Step 6. Save the link by clicking on [Save] from the top-right menu.

How to set a page as default?

While you are still in the Menu Item Manager, let's set your page "About us" as default.
Step 1. For this purpose check its radio button and click on [Default] from the top menu:

Step 2. (Optionally) You can remove the default link "Home" because we will not need it.


How to add the Contact us page to the menu?

Step 1.  Let's add a link to the "Contact us" page. For this purpose click on the [New] icon from the top menu and choose:Internal Link -> Contacts -> Category -> Standard Contact Layout.

Step 2. Fill the information about your new menu item "Contact us" and click [Save].

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