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How to use Drupal

Logging into Drupal Admin Area

To log in your Drupal Admin area, after installing the Drupal application, you simply need to enter your administrator credentials into the User login form on your Drupal site:

Drupal - Log into admin

How to create new content?

You can create new content through the Create content section under the Drupal administrator area.

create content

  • The Page option allows you to create a static page;
  • The Story option is suitable for a blog or a discussion usage.

Content Management

In order to manage the content of your Drupal web site, you need to navigate to the Content management section under your administrator area.

content management

In the following lines we will give a brief description of the options under this section:

  • Drupal Comments - With the default installation, only users that have logged in can access/post comments. This can be changed from Administer -> User management -> Permissions. The comments settings are self-explanatory. By default, registered users can post comments (they don't need to wait for moderator approvals). If you want to let anonymous users post comments, go to Administer -> User management -> Permissions -> comment module.


  • Content - You can manage, view, edit and delete the site content. You can publish and unpublish it.


  • Content types - Manage posts by content type, including default status, front page promotion. You can include new content types besides the Page and the Story.

content types

  • Post settings - You can control the post behavior, the length of the posts and the number of posts per page.

post settings

  • RSS publishing - You can configure your RSS feed publishing.

rss publishing

  • Taxonomy - You can manage the tagging, the categorization and classification of your content.


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